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AOA Flight School - Providing Flying Lessons in NYC
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About us

Academy of Aviation is a unique place in many ways. We strive to be the best in all aspects of our operations and we proud ourselves on achieving it.

Our flight school started 10 years ago and is growing fast. We are now an approved FAA Part 141 establishment and a certified Cessna Pilot Center. We operate over 15 airplanes and are situated at one of the most amazing areas for flight training lessons. A few years ago Academy of Aviation moved to a modern and spacious facility in the main terminal of Farmingdale's Republic Airport. Our professional staff will always meet you with a smile and attend to all your questions before, during and after your training.  We have our own airplane maintenance staff so you never have to wait or reschedule because of airplanes waiting for technical service.

We are fortunate to operate our flight school from what is the best field for flight lessons  and training not only in the NYC area but easily in the World - Republic, KFRG

We are more than a place for getting a pilot license. At Academy of Aviation you will not only become a fully qualified pilot, but you will also meet with some of the people who are running the aviation businesses of today and tomorrow. You will have the opportunity to learn first hand what to expect in your future careers and what the aviation is beyond the flying itself. Our past students and instructors are routinely returning to our school to pass on their newly gained experience on people like you who are eager to make the jump and spread their wings. 

Please browse the menus for more details on the various aspects of our flight school and operations. Write to us, give us a call, or visit.


Republic Airport
Farmingdale NY 11735 KFRG

Westchester County Airport
White Plains NY 10604 KHPN



(Westchester Surcharges Apply)

120 DAY FAA 141
Starting at $32,999



Starting at...

Private Pilot License... $7,577
Instrument Rating... $7,691
Commercial Pilot License... $5,437
Multi Engine Rating... $1,499
Commercial Course G1000 $25,000
Commercial and CFIs $37,999
Airline Pilot Career Course $39,999
First Officer Course $49,999


* Most prices quoted for our Farmingdale location. Please talk to a flight school representative for up to date pricing and personalized plans.

** The total price of a pilot license course does not have to be paid at one time. There are various payment options and block hour reservations.

*** Total cost varies based on the model of the flight training airplane.


International Students

Advance your career with the FAA pilot licenses and ratings. We offer affordable pilot career courses and diverse flight training conditions. You get great value for your money.

Your flying lessons and flight training in Long Island, New York - the heart of the world will be something you will always remember not only because of the flight experience you will gain with us but also because of the great life experience that only comes with living in NYC.

Your I20 M1 Visa documentation...


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Operations/Safety Feedback Form

This form is for our existing customers, students, employees and airport neighbors to provide feedback on matters related to our operations. The form is anonymous and we will periodically review the feedback and consider the suggested improvements.

An anonymous form for our existing customers, students, employees and airport neighbors to provide feedback on matters related to our operations.

Website Feedback Form

This form is for suggestions on how you would want us to improve out website, what additional information you would like to see, etc.

An anonymous form for suggestions on how you would want us to improve the website, what additional information you would like to see, etc.

Academy of Aviation, LLC.
7150 Republic Airport
Main Terminal Room 101
Farmingdale, Long Island, NY 11735

PH 631.777.7772
FAX 631.777.7787

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FAA Part 61/141 Approved Pilot School 
VA GI Bill Flight Training Center
Sevis Approved I20 for M1 Visa

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