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AOA Flight School - Providing Flying Lessons in NYC
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Sport Pilot License and Recreational License

The Sport or Recreational Licenses will allow you to act as a pilot in command (PIC) on a small single engine airplane. This license is ideal if you own a small airplane or if you participate in one of the many Clubs that own Ultralight and Light Sport aircraft. Safety and fun all in one.

Some reasons for choosing the Sport or Recreational course:

  • Own or rent an Ultralight or Light Sport Airplane
  • Entry step for advancing to Private Pilot
  • Exploring interesting activities and giving flying a try

What AOA offers to your advantage:

  • Demanding yet relaxed airspace with high tolerance for students and new pilots
  • Both glass cockpit and traditionally equipped airplanes
  • Situated on beautiful Long Island with picturesque shorelines and bays
  • Less than an hour drive from New York City (NYC) and easily accessible on the LlR
  • Prices that no other flight school can beat

FAA (Minimum) Requirements:

  • 17 years of age
  • 20 hours for Sport; 30 hours for Recreational
flight hours
sim hours
Sport Pilot License
Class 3 medical or Driver's License
Recreational License
Class 3 medical or Driver's License
* First Name
* Last Name
* Date of Birth
* Street
* City
Postal Code
* Country of Residence
* Email
Desired Start of Training Date
What Course of Training do you wish to Enroll?
* Citizenship
Passport Number
* Country Passport was Issued
Attach a copy of Passport
Attach a copy of English translations
Additional Comments and Information / Existing Flight Training and Pilot Certification

Please enter your first and last names, date of birth and full address (along with city, state, etc.). Please make sure to provide either valid email address or a valid telephone number. 

US citizens and residents:  Please make sure to check the "I am a US Citizen" field. A copy of your Passport or Permanent Resident Card will be required before you can start the course, however you don't have to submit it with this form. 

Foreign students: Please make sure to un-check the "I am a US Citizen" field. Please take time to fill in all the fields in the from and to make photocopies of the required documents. Please ensure the documents are translated in English and the translation is uploaded through the form. 


* Most prices quoted for our Farmingdale location. Please talk to a flight school representative for up to date pricing and personalized plans.

** The total price of a pilot license course does not have to be paid at one time. There are various payment options and block hour reservations.

*** Total cost varies based on the model of the flight training airplane.

You can read more about the detailed requirements and the privileges these licenses give you here: or give us a call and we'll be happy to go over them with you.

International Students

Advance your career with the FAA pilot licenses and ratings. We offer affordable pilot career courses and diverse flight training conditions. You get great value for your money.

Your flying lessons and flight training in Long Island, New York - the heart of the world will be something you will always remember not only because of the flight experience you will gain with us but also because of the great life experience that only comes with living in NYC.

Your I20 M1 Visa documentation...


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Operations/Safety Feedback Form

This form is for our existing customers, students, employees and airport neighbors to provide feedback on matters related to our operations. The form is anonymous and we will periodically review the feedback and consider the suggested improvements.

An anonymous form for our existing customers, students, employees and airport neighbors to provide feedback on matters related to our operations.

Website Feedback Form

This form is for suggestions on how you would want us to improve out website, what additional information you would like to see, etc.

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