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Integrated Commercial Course

The Integrated Commercial Course is for students who already know that they want to go all the way in their pilot certification. You will finish the course with a Commercial Pilot License with Instrument and Multi-Engine ratings and enough multi-engine time and real world experience to make you competitive in the demanding commercial pilot market. This increases your chances of gaining employment.

A special training program will be created for you based on your specific post certification goals and your financial requirements. Financing is available for many applicants and we are working closely with the lending banks to secure the best options for your loans.

As all students of AOA, participants in the Integrated Commercial Course can get personal coaching and advice from many of our former students and instructors who are now flying successfully for major airlines around the world. Starting a successful pilot career takes more than learning to fly an airplane and we ensure that students who want to achieve their goals in commercial aviation are fully prepared to meet the challenges of the aviation industry. You will be much more than “ready” to meet the challenges!

Some reasons for choosing career pilot Integrated Commercial course:

  • Fast progress through the pilot certification path
  • More current and marketable experience at the point of getting your Commercial License
  • Financing options

What  AOA offers to your advantage:

  • FAA Part 141 - lower minimum hours required
  • G1000 and traditionally equipped airplanes - immediately ready for the new crop of glass cockpit airplanes
  • Best rates for your multi-engine hours
  • JFK Air Traffic Control - experience to meet the demands of any airspace in the world
  • Always available and well serviced airplanes
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Career Course Part 61
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* First Name
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Please enter your first and last names, date of birth and full address (along with city, state, etc.). Please make sure to provide either valid email address or a valid telephone number. 

US citizens and residents:  Please make sure to check the "I am a US Citizen" field. A copy of your Passport or Permanent Resident Card will be required before you can start the course, however you don't have to submit it with this form. 

Foreign students: Please make sure to un-check the "I am a US Citizen" field. Please take time to fill in all the fields in the from and to make photocopies of the required documents. Please ensure the documents are translated in English and the translation is uploaded through the form. 


* Most prices quoted for our Farmingdale location. Please talk to a flight school representative for up to date pricing and personalized plans.

** The total price of a pilot license course does not have to be paid at one time. There are various payment options and block hour reservations.

*** Total cost varies based on the model of the flight training airplane.

Call us for more details on the program and for an evaluation of your specific requirements.

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An anonymous form for our existing customers, students, employees and airport neighbors to provide feedback on matters related to our operations.

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