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Program and Testing In One Location

Academy of Aviation is the only school in the United States that is a CATS Worldwide Partner and approved as a testing center by the CAA to provide students a full EASA ATPL Theory program and testing all in a single location. Join Academy of Aviation’s ATPL Theory Program, a combination of classroom instruction and our partner’s Cranfield Aviation Training Solutions (CATS) ATPL digital courses.

As you progress through your flight training and the ATPL Theory Program, you would test for your 14 modules onsite at our Academy of Aviation Farmingdale, New York campus. You can add our EASA ATPL Theory Program and testing to any flight training course to truly make you worldwide qualified by obtaining dual licensing for both the FAA and EASA.

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$4,800 AoA EASA ATPL Program - includes your ATPL Theory Computer Based Training, digital text books for all 14 modules, access to our ATPL library with supplemental literature, practices tests, classroom instruction and brush ups for module exams.
$200 per Module Exam - 14 exams total.
$500 iPad (required if you do not already own one.)

Course Requirements

You must hold a Private Pilot License. If you are currently training for your PPL you would begin your ATPL Theory Program following your PPL checkride. There are 14 subjects covered, grouped as follows:

Human Performance & Limitations
Air Law & ATC Procedures
Operational Procedures
VFR Communications
IFR Communications

Principles of Flight
Flight Planning
General Navigation
Mass & Balance

Aircraft General Knowledge
Radio Navigation

Citizen of the United Kingdom?

You might be eligible for a loan to assist you with your flight training costs, EASA ATPL Program, and even your follow up flying for co-validation of your FAA licenses to EASA! Inquire with Pegasus Personal Finance at
Academy of Aviation is eligible through our UK ATPL partners, Cranfield Aviation Training Solutions (CATS).

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