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**F1 Visa for Flight Schools Has Been Discontinued**

The Student and Exchange Visa Program (SEVP/SEVIS) in late August 2021 determined that a degree program will be required, along with flight training, in order to offer the F-1 Visa.

You can still obtain a F-1 Visa through a nearby College/University and conduct flight training with Academy of Aviation. We are happy to customize your flying schedule around your University Schedule and you can simply pay as you fly for maximum budget flexibility.

Do You Really Need the F1 Visa?

As an International Student on any US Student Visa, the intention is to complete your studies and return home to begin your career. In the United States, a pilots' 1,500 hour requirement is not the typical minimum hiring requirement for International Carriers, so make sure you do your research about hiring requirements.

If the airline you are qualified to work for doesn't require hundreds of additional hours, why would you waste the time and money? Curricular Practical Training and Optional Practical Training for work authorization aren't allowed for a minimum of 12 months. Even then, it's not guaranteed, and you're still spending money. In most cases, if you are paid minimum wage at a job, you won't break even with your monthly living expenses.

You can complete your PPL-CPL with Academy of Aviation in 6-7 months and be on your way to a Second Officer or First Officer interview. Doing the math, a captain at an airline makes approximately $200,000 to $300,000 per year. So, for every month you delay joining an airline, you're missing out on $20,000 per month in pay, travel perks, seniority, retirement points/pension, etc.

Pilot Career Guidance and Success

Our International Admissions Department will listen to your overall goals and guide you in the right direction for success in a pilot career. If your intention is to simply get away from your home country and stay in the United States for as long as possible, we're not the right school for you. You would get the maximum time in the United States by joining a University Program for 4 years, and conducting your flight training with that school or a flight school nearby. Contact us today to schedule a call, and let's map out a training plan together, focused on the appropriate goal of becoming a professional pilot.


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