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F-1 FL Program



F-1 Visa

4 year visa

English proficiency is not required

Extensions are the click of a button in SEVIS, no additional costs.

Transfer any time if this program isn't the right fit for you.

Flexible class and flying schedule.

Installment payment discount when your flying balance runs low.

8 weeks of vacation for every year of study.

Paid work authorization available immediately after CFII completion for up to 3 years of employment with Academy of Aviation.

On-campus employment opportunities in dispatch, student services, admissions, etc. after 90 days of successful progress in your program.

M-1 Visa

1 year visa

English proficiency required.

Single 12 month extension, cost $480 to USCIS.

No transfers after 6 months

Lump sum/Scheduled payments required

Accelerated mandatory 7 days per week training schedule.

No vacation or travel within the US permitted.

Maximum 6 months work authorization after 2 years of training.

This visa does not qualify for the school to offer on-campus employment


Minimum 3 years before passport expires

Minimum $15,000 proof of funding for 1 year duration I-20

Maximum training completed - Foreign or FAA Private Pilot and Instrument Rating

The following countries of citizenship do not qualify for this program because English is their country's stated native language:

Australia, Antigua & Barbuda, Bahamas, Belize, Canada (all provinces except Quebec), Cook Islands, Dominica, Ghana, Grenada, Guyana, Ireland, Jamaica, Kenya, Lesotho, Namibia, New Zealand, Nigeria, Scotland, Singapore, South Africa, St. Vincent & the Grenadines, Trinidad & Tobago, Uganda, United Kingdom, Zimbabwe.

Why should I choose this F-1 Visa flight training program?

Flying and the English language are synonymous in the aviation industry.

We have a program that 100% supports every aspect of training that international students need to become professional pilots.

Beginner to advanced communication support, aviation specific English, advanced ground school theory and flight concepts, year round flying schedule, US work authorization for your new role as a CFI, earning pay while logging PIC hours, continuing education flight lesson planning and delivery to develop your Instructor skills, career guidance and interview preparation for your professional pilot dream job.

Airlines don't require you to have a degree, so why would you spend double the amount of money and time for the same F-1 Visa benefit?

How does the F-1 Visa Program work with Academy of Aviation and Latitude Language?

The best comparison is to a university degree program, such as an Aeronautics bachelor's degree, with flight training included as part of the curriculum.

The university/college provides the degree program, the theory/ground school/class time, and typically have a few select flight school affiliates.

When you conduct your visa interview, it is for the university's F-1 Visa, not one of their flight schools affiliates.

In our case, Latitude Language provides the theory/ground school/class time, and Academy of Aviation is the affiliate flight school. Latitude Language is located in the same training facility and we work together as a single operation.

"My English is perfect" or English is your first language.

Then you do not qualify for this program and should consider the M-1 Visa.

This program was created specifically to meet the needs of international students in which English is their second language, who are in pursuit of a commercial pilot career.

The M-1 student visa is the correct visa you should apply for if English is your native language.

Academy of Aviation offers the M-1 student visa at its Farmingdale (New York), White Plains (New York), Gastonia (North Carolina) and Peachtree City (Georgia) campuses.

When can I begin working as a Flight Instructor with Academy of Aviation?

When you complete your CFII checkride, you are eligible to apply for an Instructor Personnel position with Academy of Aviation.

How many months or years of work authorization do I qualify for?

That is 100% up to you. Your F-1 Visa is valid for up to 4 years. The sooner you complete your CFII, the sooner you qualify for work authorization.

Can I work for other flight schools, airlines or businesses in the United States?

Not on your F-1 Visa for this program. You can only work for Academy of Aviation or Latitude Language. You would have to speak to an immigration lawyer for details concerning work authorization status for other businesses.

How many hours per month can I work?

Maximum 20 hours per week. During your 8 weeks of annual vacation and no-class holidays, summer break and fall break dates, you can work 40 hours per week, approximately 3 months in a 1 year period total.

What is the pay for Instructor Personnel?

Pay starts at $20 per hour. IPs are eligible for pay increases if they remain in good standing with their F-1 Visa, a positive 6 months evaluation of successfully helping their students pass FAA written exams and checkrides on the first attempt, and completion of their MEI.

What is the payment schedule? Are there options for a discount?

Contact our Admissions Team to discuss your monthly budget, any money transfer maximums enforced by your country and your career goals. They will provide you with discounted installment options and how to qualify for additional specials and offers. Students are required to maintain a minimum of $1,000 at all times on their student account to maintain status with their F-1 Visa.

Initial payment of $7,500 to be received by your I20 class start date, allocated as follows:

$725 1st Month Ground School & Communication Tuition + $725 Tuition Deposit = $1,450

$100 TSA Fingerprinting

$130 TSA Initial Registration

$375 Annual Aircraft Renter's Insurance

$200 FAA Medical

($2,255 total)

$5,245 Flight/Sim Tuition

There is a mandatory monthly payment of $725 for your Ground School and Communication class, due on the 1st of each month. The $725 payment will not be subtracted from funds allocated for flight training, and the payments must be received to remain in good standing. You must add funds to your flying account before your balance falls below $500 and maintain your payment schedule as outlined in your Training Enrollment Agreement to ensure all discounts are applied. Failure to make payments as prescribed can result in forfeiture of any discounts. Contact our Admissions Specialists right away to secure the best rates possible for your flight training needs.

How many hours should I budget to complete my training?

Contact a member of our Admissions Team to receive a personalized quote today. A quote will be created based on your individualized needs utilizing Part 141 or Part 61 training. We will work with you to create a program designed for you to be successful.


Latitude Language has been in the business of aviation-specific English and pilot communication since 2010 with the initial creation of Pilot Aviation English, paving the way over a decade ago by creating an online aviation specific English course for international pilot students.

This allows students the opportunity to improve their aviation English and ICAO level no matter their location worldwide.

Latitude Language is also the first to offer online ATC practice scenarios with Instructor graded feedback, and no automation.

Now with the ability to offer the F-1 Visa to provide support to our aspiring international pilots, Latitude Language gives students the opportunity to improve aviation English in an immersive environment while progressing in their flight training.

Furthermore, Latitude Language is one of the only schools in the entire United States to offer official ICAO level testing on-site in Florida.

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