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The Beauty of Autumn Flying in the Northeast

The fall is the perfect time to learn to fly in New York. Don't believe us? Read on...

Summer is over and fall has descended upon the Northeast. The summer rush to fly in clear blue skies and warm sunny air has leveled off, and the fall slowdown has begun in our New York airspace. It's time to put away the headsets and sit inside a flight simulator while we learn to fly on screens and in classrooms as the fall weather turns our landscapes barren and uninspired, right?


Flying in the Northeastern United States in the fall months is perhaps the best time to enjoy the splendor of this side of the country. Trees turn color, air seems clearer, sunsets are more colorful and pilots enjoy more open airspace as the throngs wave goodbye to summer vacations and go back to school, work and everyday life. Now it's your turn. Escape the grey of New York to fly over the dramatic peaks and multicolored tree-filled valleys of the 480-million year old Appalachian Mountains; cruise around the marshlands and protected seashores of Cape Cod; drink in the panoramic wilds and lush floodplains of the Delaware Water Gap; soar atop the spectacular autumn foliage of the Mitchellsville Gorge.

And, just so that we're clear, this isn't all about the dazzling sights. In addition to the majesty that is the eclectic terrain, a bona fide asset and cool advantage of training in the late season months in the Northeast is the experiece you'll get flying in, and learning firsthand about, all types of weather systems.

Amazing settings and educational flight time combine to make Autumn in the Northeast a wonderful time and place to start your flight training-- so why not take advantage of everything that learning to fly all year round in New York has to offer?

Happy flying!

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