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Follow Your Dreams

Did you grow up with model airplanes hanging from your ceiling and wearing pilot goggles on Halloween? The pressure from the "what do you want to do with your life" question continues to plague high school students all over the country. Why don't you follow your dreams and set your goals to learn to become a real airline pilot?

Many kids right out of high school have no idea what comes next, but some actually do. The dream to fly airplanes is within reach for aviation enthusiasts, and with the inclusion of student loans for private flight schools that once were only available to college-bound students, going from high school to flight school has never been easier.

Financial Aid

Financial Aid packages for a Part 141 accredited flight-training course, like the one we offer from Sallie Mae, will put you on a track to flying in fewer hours, which means shorter training time and less money. A generous repayment waiting period that begins 6 months after you graduate ensures that you are making money flying before any loans are due.

Fitting In

People going to flight school have a common bond that ensures both a fun and rewarding post-high school experience. Making new friends and joining up with like-minded aviators is the hallmark of flight training, and there's never a shortage of stuff to discover and talk about when you're flying airplanes.

Feeling Cool

Let's face it- nobody will see you in your pilot's uniform and think you're uncool. Pilots are respected and important members of modern society, and putting on that uniform is both a wow-factor and a head-turner.

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