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The Most Non- Star Trek Toy

How a branded airplane toy that had nothing to do with a TV show became a much sought-after collectible 50 years later.

Kind of eerily reminiscent of a Beechcraft Bonanza of the time, our heroes Kirk, Spock and Bones never actually stepped foot into a mid-century propeller plane from planet Earth while shooting through the Final Frontier. But Remco didn't think the Saturday morning cartoon crowd would notice, and decided to rebrand a third-rate failing model airplane toy into a now invaluable fan-favorite Star Trek collectible.

This early Beechcraft may have been the inspiration for the failed toy...

and this ubiquitous 30-cent balsa wood invention may have been the perceived board-room competition...

but the final outcome was both less-than-stellar and completely unrelated to the actual television show that was saddled with selling the item to the cereal-eating horde.

Of course, this never stropped some kids from growing up and realizing their dreams when they became decision makers on a much grander scale...

Product placement, though, is everything. Our long-lost and completely unnecessary Star Trek collectible did make an appearance on at least one television program. Check out what's been spotted on the shelf above the toy shop owner's head in the first couple of seconds in the clip below...

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