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Introducing our "Zero to Hero" Career Program

Academy of Aviation offers career flight training with a Fixed Cost Guarantee starting from zero experience. "Zero to Hero" Wet/Gold prices include fuel. Prices exclude exam fees and pilot supplies.

Competitor Price

Piper Archer
  • 7-Month Not-as-Fast Track
  • Part 61 Only - No FAA oversight.
  • CFIs are independent contractors.
  • Multi Engine Fleet: Piper Seminole / Maximum speed: 193 mph (311 km/h, 168 kn)
  • Advertises a "Reserved Loan," but contrary to our competition's claims, we too can help you obtain financing as a Sallie Mae Approved provider

Your Private Pilot License and Instrument Rating: Price Comparison Chart

The prices below are derived from three sources: The national average for flight schools, Academy of Aviation's price quoting based on our own student completion averages, and Part 141 minimum hours for course completion. Prices are separated by plane type: Cessna 152 and Cessna 172 G1000®. **You may finish your training under Part 141 minimums, but you should expect to realistically finish under AOA's average price.

National Average Price

PPL (C-152)
  • PPL: $20,010 (C-172 G1000® Upgrade)
  • Instrument: $9,020 (C-152)
  • Instrument: $11,260 (C-172 G1000® Upgrade)

**Part 141 Minimum Price

PPL (C-152)
  • PPL: $9,350 (C-172 G1000® Upgrade)
  • Instrument: $6,790 (C-152)
  • Instrument: $7,770 (C-172 G1000® Upgrade)

Domestic Student Flight Training

We welcome and teach both career/commercial airline and private recreational flight students at all of our locations.

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Accelerated Career Pilot Program, Financing and Pricing

Take advantage of our exclusive 5-Month Zero-To-MEI Pilot Pathway. Ultra-competitive pricing with guaranteed fixed cost starting from Zero Experience. We break it all down for you here.

Private Pilot License Course and Prices

Your PPL and Instrument Rating headquarters. Including prices, duration and the differences between Part 141 and Part 61 flight training.

Become A Flight Instructor with AOA

Get paid to fly. We're always looking to grow our family of flight instructors. Get in touch today and join our team.

How to Become a Pilot

Follow these 5 steps to becoming a pilot.

  • Step 1: Earn Your Private Pilot Certificate.
  • Step 2: Earn an instrument rating and a multi-engine rating.
  • Step 3: Earn a Commercial Pilot certificate.
  • Step 4: Certified Flight Instructor Certificates.
  • Step 5: Gain flight experience.

International Student Flight Training

Visa Commercial Pilot Programs for study-abroad International Students.

Visa Commercial Pilot Programs

Study abroad at AOA. Academy of Aviation is dedicated to making you the best candidate for an airline, charter, cargo or other professional pilot career.

Curricular Practical Training

Current CPT Information for International Students. Practical training is the only type of work permission available to M-1 students. Find out why.


Program and testing in one location. Academy of Aviation is the only school in the United States that is a CATS Worldwide Partner and approved as a testing center by the CAA to provide students a full EASA ATPL Theory program and testing all in a single location.

News, Insights and Enrollment

Why choose Academy of Aviation? Take a closer look at your flight training future.

Academy of Aviation will get you there the fastest.

Discover Academy of Aviation's unique 5 month program. Go from Zero Experience to Multi-Engine Commercial Pilot with CFI Ratings in 22 weeks.

AOA alumni/instructors share the skies as flight crew out of Chicago O’Hare. Rejaul Rajib in the left seat with Jamaal Simon closest to the camera. #flyaoa

Our Accelerated Career Pilot Program will guide you to the lowest costs, shortest times and biggest benefits.

Academy of Aviation on Buzzfeed!

Join Stephen Maltz, Certified Flight Instructor with Academy of Aviation, as he takes Buzzfeed through a real Cessna flight and sees how it compares to Microsoft Flight Simulator.

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Career and Private Pilot Training

Accelerated Career Pilot Program
Private Pilot License (PPL) Course

International Visa Program

Full International Student Course Information

Financing is Available Now:

More Information

Academy of Aviation is a Liberty University Flight Training Affiliate.

More Information

About Us:

With private pilot courses, commercial pilot training, Part 141 curriculum and full financing at every location, discover why it's a great time to explore Academy of Aviation's world of flight training.

Want to fly for fun?
Academy of Aviation has locations in Farmingdale and White Plains NY, Charlotte NC and Atlanta GA. You will fly small planes in the same airspace as major flights, and learning to become a pilot in these airspaces will give you the experience and confidence to fly anywhere.

If you are career-minded:
One of the most compelling comparisons between Academy of Aviation and a four-year college is the time/money factor. Unlike a full-time college commitment, we immerse you into the world of pilot training for the full duration of your experience. If you’ve got your heart set on a career as a pilot, our Accelerated Career Pilot Program will put you on a direct course to your goal in much less time, and for less money than a college or university.

Academy of Aviation enables you to train at a flight school recognized by the U.S. Department of Education.

Academy of Aviation is overseen by the Bureau of Proprietary School Supervision (BPSS) which monitors non-degree granting proprietary schools. Academy of Aviation is regarded as a school of excellence as accredited by the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges (ACCSC).

A central distinction between an independent FAA-certified instructor and the Career Pilot track at Academy of Aviation is determined by our ACCSC Accreditation. ACCSC serves as the designated institutional accrediting agency for 700 trade and technical schools that provide quality vocational education to over 150,000 students each year.

As an enrollee of Academy of Aviation's Accelerated Career Pilot Program, we encourage students to apply for a Certified Flight Instructor job upon graduation.

A position as an AOA flight instructor allows you to build experience and flight time; in about 18-22 months, you can build the flight experience required for the ATP Certificate and 1500-hour airline hiring minimums. The Airline Transport Pilot (ATP) certificate is the highest level of aircraft pilot certificate.

View financing information for our Accelerated Career Pilot Program.

Career Program Essentials:

• Part 141 curriculum approved at every campus means an absolute interest in training quality and safety. The ability to utilize Part 141 and Part 61 training on a course-by-course and "individual student performance" basis allows faster completion and more hours available to students, if there is a need for additional training for proficiency.

• Fly every type of aircraft in our fleet during your program, or stick to one or two. We want you to have fun.

• Experience different aerospace by flying each course of your program at a different campus location. Fly a little in upstate and downtown New York, tour the Carolina skies and cruise with the big boys in Atlanta.

• You've worked hard to become a CFI and we're not going to place you behind a desk with a phone to work Admissions or simply teach ground school. We're going to put you to work in the air so you can log your necessary hours to get you to 1500. You can continue to teach and grow with us if the airlines aren't the right fit for you. The airlines aren't the only career option -- Chief Pilots, Designated Pilot Examiners, Operations Managers, Aviation Safety Inspectors are all in demand.

Recent Student Achievements:

Nikita Mehta passes her Instrument checkride at AOA Farmingdale. #flyaoa

Meredith Dillard passes her Instrument checkride at AOA Charlotte/Gastonia. #flyaoa

David Lozada Mendoza passes his Private Pilot checkride at AOA Farmingdale. #flyaoa

Shirley Linda celebrates her first solo at AOA Atlanta. #flyaoa

Chenli Ye completed his Commercial Multi checkride today with Dylan O'Neal and finished his program. Congratulations!! #flyaoa

Judeen Phillips celebrates her first solo at AOA Atlanta, and receives an awesome T-shirt! #flyaoa

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We fly seven days a week, 24 hours a day. Our office is open seven days a week from 7:00-19:00.

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