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Advance your Flight Training with Academy of Aviation. We will create a customized program to meet your personal timeline.

We partner with your hard work to get you to the airlines as fast as possible. It's not about just the ratings. It's also about your true goals.
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Flight School Partnerships: Earn Your Degree

Purdue University

Purdue University Global PartnerAcademy of Aviation's Purdue University Partnership can help you advance your aviation career with an online bachelor's degree in Professional Flight.

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Flight Training Programs for Domestic & International Students

Academy of Aviation welcomes pilots to stay on and instruct with us after graduation. Join our growing family.

Academy of Aviation has taught students from all around the world for over 20 years, and continues to be a leader in advanced Pilot Training today. Financing is available now.

Commercial Pilot Program

Career & Commercial
Pilot Program   

Academy of Aviation offers you career pilot training at the same airports, where you earn the same certifications as the more expensive schools.

You get individualized training in our late-model Cessna aircraft, and Part 141 at all locations means strict FAA oversight and an utmost foundation of safety.

Private Pilot Certificate

Private Pilot Certificate
& Instrument Rating   

Our Private Pilot Training page shows you real timeframes and gives you real insight on how much it costs to become a pilot.

Academy of Aviation helps you set reasonable expectations, and takes the lead in keeping those expectations on track.

International Students

International Students
Start Here   

Academy of Aviation's solution-based training offers to meet your needs as a student to get you recognized as a top candidate for your future piloting career.

Academy of Aviation has taught students from all around the world, and continues to be a leader in Flight Training for International Students.

Introducung 'A Taste of Flight' for young Aviators.

Where are we? Academy of Aviation Locations

Farmingdale, NY
Republic Airport

Visit our Farmingdale, NY
Location Page   

Atlanta, GA
Atlanta Regional Airport/Falcon Field

Visit our Atlanta, GA
Location Page   

White Plains, NY
Westchester County Airport

Visit our Westchester, NY
Location Page   

Charlotte, NC
Gastonia Municipal Airport

Visit our Charlotte, NC
Location Page   

Orlando, FL
Kissimmee Gateway Airport

Visit our Orlando, FL
Location Page   
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Full Financing is Available for our "First Flight to First Officer" Career Pilot Program at All AOA Locations.

The Sallie Mae Smart Option Student Loan® is available for those who qualify.
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