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Welcome to Academy of Aviation's international visa contact page for study-abroad commercial pilot students.

AoA Alumni

Beyond AOAFormer AOA trainees and CFIs, Capt. Rejaul Rajib and First Officer Eric Riker, share the cockpit of a Republic Airways flight out of LaGuardia on Jan. 14, 2022. #flyaoa

AoA Graduates

AOA CertifiedAOA certified pilots and flight crew out of Chicago O’Hare: Rejaul Rajib in the left seat with Jamaal Simon closest to the camera. #flyaoa

AoA Graduates

Private Pilot Goal Achieved!International Student Ugochukwu Osuocha is officially a Private Pilot with the help of CFI Darrin Long! #flyaoa #flyaoa

International Students: Study Abroad in the USA

Academy of Aviation has taught students from all around the world, and continues to be a leader in Flight Training for International Students.

Academy of Aviation's International Student Network

International Flight School Admissions:

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Call or Text: (516) 613-4698

When you fill out our Easy Enrollment and Contact Form below, or contact by call or text, an Academy of Aviation International Admissions Representative will be in touch very soon. You will have the opportunity to ask any questions, and you will find out information that is personalized especially for you.

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What are your future employers looking for when hiring?

• High-hour pilots, especially those with more Pilot in Command time.
• Advanced experience with Multi-Engine hours.
• Experience flying in different airspaces.
• Additional ratings instead of simple timebuilding hours.

Academy of Aviation is dedicated to making you the best candidate for an airline, charter, cargo or other professional pilot career.

"What do you want (or don't want) as a flight school student?"

We asked a total of 50 AoA applicants from all over the world, and here's what we heard from the majority of them:

"I don't want to sit around waiting to be scheduled for whatever the reason, such as lack of available planes, bad weather, too many students, too few instructors, maintenance holdups, a busy airport, etc."

"I want the best training at a good price in aircraft that I feel safe flying. I'm not rich, but I don't want to jeopardize my life just to save a few dollars."

"School isn't supposed to be fun, but I want to enjoy my training. I came to the states for an overall experience, and I wanted to learn in many places."

"I don't want to stay at a school if I don't like it. Some schools want full payment and then you are stuck."
Academy of Aviation's solution-based training offers to meet your needs as a student to get you recognized as a top candidate for your future piloting career. Take advantage of our Private Pilot, Instrument Rating, Commercial Single and Multi-Engine Program for less than $50,000. And, it's not based on FAA minimum hours.

• Add Flight Instructor Ratings and log up to a total of 1,000 hours, in both single and multi-engine aircraft.
• Academy of Aviation is the only flight school in the nation offering Tuition Reimbursement for International Students.
• We have 4 campuses to choose from. You can and should choose to fly at all of our campuses.
• You will be scheduled 5 days per week. We do not want you wasting time that could be spent flying.
• We will help you create a payment schedule to ensure we are the right fit for each other. No student should feel as if they're being held hostage by a flight school.

Academy of Aviation vs. Competitors Price Comparison

Competitor Price

$45,000 - $89,000+
Private Pilot, Instrument Rating, Commercial Single and Multi.
  • 1 campus option
  • No Accelerated Option, 12+ months to complete.
  • 1-3 month ground school before you touch an airplane.
  • Too many students, not enough planes.
  • Operations are not knowledgeable about other countrys' Civil Aviation Authority Requirements to co-validate your FAA Training.
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Flight Training Fleet

Cessna 152

Cessna 172 G1000

Diamond DA-42

International Student Achievements
More photos at #FlyAOA

Academy of Aviation

Ananya Jain earns her private pilot license in Farmingdale.

Academy of Aviation

Anukriti Madhra celebrates becoming a Commercial Pilot in Gastonia.

Academy of Aviation

Archana Siyal passes her Single-Engine Commercial check ride.

Academy of Aviation

Jinnia Gupta passes her Instrument check ride.

Academy of Aviation

Nikita Mehta passes her Private Pilot check ride.

Academy of Aviation

Starlyn Jose Tavarez De La Rosa successfully graduates after taking his Multi-Engine Commercial check ride.

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