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F-1 and M-1 Visa Commercial Pilot Programs for International Students

F-1 Visa Training

Private Pilot to Certified Flight Instructor Program with 12-month Flight Instructor Position Offer.
Private Pilot to Multi Engine Flight Instructor Program with 23-month Flight Instructor Position Offer.

M-1 Visa Training

Private Pilot to Commercial Multi Engine Pilot Program.
Private Pilot to Commercial Single Engine Pilot Program.
Individual Courses: Instrument Rating, Commercial Multi Engine, Commercial Single Engine, CFI, CFII, MEI
These programs are for students that aren't interested in becoming a Flight Instructor; who only need a Commercial License and minimum hours logged according to their Civil Aviation Authority, or are only interested in a Private Pilot License or individuaL Courses.

Easy Enrollment from Anywhere in the World!

Flight Training Fleet

Cessna 152

Diamond DA-20

Cessna 172 G1000

Diamond DA-42


  • Republic Airport (KFRG) in Farmingdale, Long Island, New York is just minutes away from JFK International and Spadaro Airports. Between these two airports, you will have the experience and competence to travel anywhere in the World. Your flight training here will make you capable of (and comfortable with) flying into complex controlled airspace like JFK, and show you what it is like to be landing at an airport where you are the sole arrival and departure of the day. We have 11,000 foot runways and grass strips for you to jumpstart your flight training.

    Also, just minutes to the north, we have mountains and many different types of terrain for you to familiarize yourself with- an integral factor in your comfort level at the controls of an aircraft is knowledge and recognition of your surroundings. We feel this locale is absolutely perfect for everyone- from first time flyers to long time pros.

  • KFRG Map and Directions

  • Westchester County Airport (KHPN) in White Plains, New York is home of a dynamic General Aviation community as well as a focal point for Charters and Business aviation. Your training here will benefit from the exact same conditions that we enjoy in Farmingdale - experience in dense controlled airspace as well as flying to small and large uncontrolled airports just minutes away.

  • KHPN Map and Directions

  • Gastonia Municipal Airport (KAKH) in Charlotte/Gastonia, North Carolina is located just outside of Charlotte in the Piedmont region of central North Carolina, which consists of gently rolling terrain frequently broken by hills, river and creek valleys, and low, isolated mountain ridges. The highest point in Gaston County is King's Pinnacle, a rocky monadnock which sharply rises over 800 feet (240 m) above the city of Gastonia. King's Pinnacle rises 1,690 feet (520 m) above sea level, and is part of Crowders Mountain State Park.

  • KAKH Map and Directions

  • Fort Lauderdale, Florida (Coming Soon) Stay tuned for information about our brand new location on the southern tip of the east coast.

  • Fort Lauderdale Map and Directions

  • London, England, UK (Coming Soon) Academy of Aviation London information will be coming very soon.

  • London Map and Directions

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