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Retire with the cockpit instead of the couch.

The information in this blog article is great for current and future students of flight, especially retirees and people who are searching for a career change -- and a lifestyle upgrade.

After stepping away from your career, whether through retirement or just the need for change, you will have built a level of determination, willingness to learn, and desire to be motivated. Stimulation is a key ingredient to living life to the fullest, and taking up the art of learning to fly can be a momentous way to achieve a state of natural invigoration. Many people are misinformed about how old you're allowed to be to fly planes. There is an FAA required retirement age of 65 for commercial pilots, but there is no upper age limit to being a pilot. Stop thinking that you're too old and stop procrastinating. Get out and do it, especially because you've always wanted to!

Academy of Aviation

Need some motivation?

Our friends at AOPA have a weekly vlog capturing the latest trends in aviation. Get inspired by the people, the technicals and the techniques that expand aviation in breathtaking style. Check out this week's installment and fly for the fun of it!

Academy of Aviation

Become a pilot at any age.

We love finding ways to motivate people to become pilots, especially those people who think their dream to fly has aged out of reach. There are several amazing websites for pilots and aspiring pilots of any age to find valuable information. One of our favorite blog sites is Fly Good Aviation, who graciously allowed us to share this inspiring video with you:

Check out Fly Good Aviation, Information, Motivation & Inspiration For Aspiring Pilots for inspirational articles and personal accounts from its author. Look for their podcast for tons of interviews and other cool aviation highlights.

Academy of Aviation

Where will you go next?

Our favorite airplane brand has you covered.

*Tip! On the East Coast? Fly in a Cessna Caravan right now with our friends at Sky Air Charter, and feel the power and the fun!

Academy of Aviation

Take it to the extreme.

Let our in-house UPRT specialist Dave Windmiller be your idol. His expertise in aerobatics will leave you spellbound... and you can book a flight with him right here at Academy of Aviation!

Academy of Aviation

We've compiled a fun and informative list of some of our favorite flight training and aviation articles for you to enjoy.

While some of these articles involve the Commercial Pilot industry, we have no doubt that retirees, aviation enthusiasts and people who just like to fly will get a kick out of this list.

The Truth About Cabin Air - Have you ever wondered? Our favorite blogger discusses.

What do long haul airline pilots do during cruise? - Wondering if your five-hour flight is all cockpit time, or is there a free moment for coffee? Read this interesting chat session and see what down-time on a flight crew is really like.

Q&A; With The Pilot - Squealing noises? 3/2 seat configuration? Deadheading? Read answers to questions you probably never thought about.
Q&A; With The Pilot, 2 - We loved the first one, so here's the second installment. And what's up with Seat 13A??
Q&A; With The Pilot, 3 - Back for more. Find out when and why a 757 cockpit's side window is opened for fresh air.
Q&A; With The Pilot, 4 - These Q&A; sessions are too good to resisit for aviation enthusiasts.
Our caps off to Patrick Smith for his amazing blog.

Why Pilots Are Always Calling Everyone 'Roger' - We'd like to know!

How To Speak Airline: A Glossary for Travelers - Pretty self explanatory, although we think flight training students would get a kick out of this also.

How Becoming A Pilot Improved My Non-Aviation-Related Career - A different take, but an intersting one none the less.

JANET, America’s Most Secret Airline, Is Hiring - Career goals: fly the non-existent skies!

Academy of Aviation

In a "ramp check", here's a list of why you should take the initiative and learn to fly after retirement:

Aviation hobbyists, become a private pilot.
Teachers, become a flight instructor.
Travel buffs, fly your family to historical areas.
Businesspeople, commute in style.
Salespeople, sell planes and make huge commissions.
Humanitarians, fly for a non-profit organization.
Citizens, patrol the skies in the Civil Air Patrol.
Rescuers, fly to help people in need.
Vacationers, share expenses with passengers.
Adrenaline junkies, get your fix. The sky's the limit.

Private Pilot License Requirements

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