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Use our convenient help guide at the bottom of this page to complete your Sallie Mae application for Academy of Aviation. Financing is available for those who qualify.

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We have included a comprehensive guide to filling our your application, below, to help you through the process. Please choose a school location, open up your application page, and follow the steps as outlined. This should make the process as painless as possible!

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Application Guide: Help with filling out your Application

Click the yellow "Apply for a Student Loan" button on the page you visit.

Who are you?
Student: (Student is required to be the primary borrower. Parents/sponsors are not eligible to borrow on behalf of the student.) *or* Cosigner: (A cosigner can initiate the application. Most applicants submit the student portion first then add a cosigner if required by Sallie Mae.)

Program Type
Choose "Career training school for professional training or certificate courses."

School State
This should auto-populate based on your initial school selection above. If it does not, you can manually search for your school. (You will not be locked into training at a specific AOA location based on this selection, and can change school locations later if you'd like).

To qualify for AOA's preferred underwriting with Sallie Mae, be sure to populate the next four sections of the application exactly as stated below.

Degree/Certificate of Study

AIRLINE (Career Oriented)

Enrollment Status

Grade Level
Certificate/Continuing Ed

Academic Period
Refer to the information from your Admissions Representative.

Graduation Date
Refer to the information from your Admissions Representative.

Cost of Attendance
Refer to your quote provided by your Admissions Representative.

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