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  • aoa student

    AoA on Buzzfeed!

    "Let's never do that again." Join CFI Stephen Maltz as he takes Buzzfeed on a real Cessna flight and compares it to a video game. Read More
  • aoa student

    AOA vs. Other Flight Schools

    Why are we different than the other major flight schools? There is a ton of competition. So why choose AOA? Read More
  • aoa student

    Flight School vs. College

    Want to be a Pilot? Lesson #1: A straight line is the shortest path. Read More
  • aoa student

    How To Become A Pilot

    Your definitive guide to becoming a professional pilot. Read More
  • aoa student

    Stalling, Spinning, Recovery

    The importance and excitement of spin training. Read More
  • aoa student

    Winter Flying

    A response blog about learing to fly in winter in New York. Read More
  • aoa student

    The Best Flight School?

    What is a good flight school? We respond. Read More

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