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Learn to fly at AOA while attending your college of choice

Vaughn College Student Exclusive Offer

Academy of Aviation is offering some amazing incentives exclusively to currently enrolled Vaughn College students.

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  • Offer details for currently enrolled Vaughn College students:

    Full Financing for those who qualify is an incentive that you should consider when deciding where to flight train. Compare Academy of Aviation to other local flight training facilities, and you will see that our Vaughn College Student Offer is designed to make your decision about where to flight-train easy when you attend Vaughn College of Aeronautics and Technology.

    You will train in current All-Modern Glass Cockpit aircraft for less than the cost of other schools that only offer an outdated or antiquated fleet.

    With two locations in the Greater New York area, training with Academy of Aviation offers convenience, flexibility and practicality.

  • Academy of Aviation's Vaughn College Student Offer includes:

    • The full Career Pilot Program to go from Zero Experience to Commercial Multi-Engine pilot certificate with Certificated Flight Instructor - CFI CFII MEI.
    • Examiner and Knowledge Test Fees
    • Training Materials
    • Non-tuition Fees
    • Pilot Supplies
    • 5% Discount applied to account after final payment is made
    • If you already have experience, custom programs are also available.

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