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The Importance and Excitement of Spin Training

Stalling, spinning, recovery and teaching and learning those skills.

Flight training has so many variables that, for the non-pilot, it can seem like a daunting information overload with books, charts, computers, mechanics and skill development all wrapped into a condensed learning period. Spin training skills, or "stall awareness, spin entry, spins, and spin recovery procedures," are arguably some of the most important natural abilities a pilot can learn, and it is also one of the most exciting and fun parts of flight training.

Academy of Aviation CFI Raghda Radwan.

The Importance

In order to become a Certified Flight Instructor, spin training is a mandatory part of the education. "Every CFI has done spins to be a CFI. Spins are part of the curriculum for teaching new CFI's," says Frank D'Elia, the Vice President of Operations for the Academy of Aviation. "It does take some experience."

Intentional spin entry and recovery is described and broken down by blogger Swayne Martin, who presents the many different types of stalls and spins, and gives us a detailed look at recovery with the "PARE" technique. You can read about stalls, spins and the blueprint for recovery on his blog. Pilots, who weighed in about the article in the comments section, unanimously agree about the importance of spin training.

The Excitement

Spinning a plane, especially when you are relaxed, confident and know what you are doing and how to handle the airplane, can be exhilirating and generally a lot of fun. Academy of Aviation CFI Raghda Radwan tells us, "It's a very incomparable feeling. At first you're anxious, you don't know what to expect; but once you do the first one and the adrenaline's kicking, you don't want to stop!"

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