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Why choose us?

AOA vs. Other Flight Schools

Why are we different than the other major flight schools? There is a metric ton of competition. So why choose AOA?

You're Comparing Schools. You need this information. The section below is a lot to read, but please do your research about pricing and post-school opportunities before your start at any flight school.

We list all your tuition and non-tuition expenses below, and show that we are substantially less expensive than our competitors.

• Part 141 curriculum approved at every location means an absolute interest in training quality and safety. The ability to utilize Part 141 and Part 61 training on a course-by-course and "individual student performance" basis allows faster completion and more hours available to students, if there is a need for additional training for proficiency.

• Fly every type of aircraft in our fleet during your program, or stick to one or two. We actually want you to have fun.

• You've worked hard to become a CFI and we're not going to place you behind a desk with a phone to work Admissions or simply teach ground school. We're going to put you to work in the air so you can log your necessary hours to get to 1500. If you end up enjoying teaching (like we do,) we're not going to ask you to leave as soon as you log those 1500 hours, because we see an immense value in your experience as an educator. You can continue to teach and grow with us if the airlines aren't the right fit for you. The airlines aren't the only career option -- Chief Pilots, Designated Pilot Examiners, Operations Managers, Aviation Safety Inspectors are all in demand.

• Some schools promote an Airline Transport Pilot Certification Training Program (ATCP or FAA-Approved 14 CFR Part 142 Airline Training) as a “perk” to their program, which it isn't. Traditionally, this exact training is provided by the airline you are hired by as a First Officer. Therefore, something that is part of your onboard training with any typical regional airline isn't advertised to look like one of our "perks," as our major competitors do.

Why do we note some of these things so specifically? Because we want you to ask questions and put any flight school you research on the spot. You should get the most out of your training experience and you need to get all the details about what happens when you become a Flight Instructor with your school choice. You should also research how your school choice measures up in producing pilots suited for all types of different careers.

We understand that it's hard to know what to ask, and you're welcome to reach out to our Admissions Team for guidance, even about how to compare flight schools. We want you to compare us with your other choices. We want you to do your research. We're confident you'll be impressed with the programs we have to offer, the individual attention you will receive, and the quality of training you'll experience with Academy of Aviation.

• Our Multiple locations are all Part 141 Approved.
• Veterans Benefits
• 100% Flight Training Financing
• Ultra Preparation for your Airline Interviews

Like we say in our blogs and our website pages, do your research and PLEASE ask why all of these things matter in the flight training industry, and how the above points can benefit you as a student pilot. Ask one of our admissions reps about anything at all. We'll talk to you and try to give you the most qualified answers to your flight training questions, even if you decide to go elsewhere. We are all human, and we genuinely care about safety, quality and success in the aviation industry. As a relatively smaller school compared to our competition, we pride ourselves in our ability to provide passionate and talented CFIs for every student, with strict oversight of the quality of our flight instruction.

Become a pilot with a flight training program built around safety, innovation and accessibility.

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