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Alternative Professional Pilot Careers

If the airline lifestyle isn’t for you.

If the airline lifestyle really isn’t for you but flying as a career is, we'd like to introduce you to other Career Pilot paths.

You can still obtain full funding to cover all of your tuition, non-tuition and housing costs even if you don't want to fly for a Commercial Airline.

Aircraft Ferrying

A job for the adventurous!

Be the pilot that delivers an airplane to an exotic locale, a remote island or a brand new countryside. Fly a small plane halfway around the world, stopping off at local airfields and major hubs to refuel, refresh and ultimately deliver the goods.

Aerial Firefighter

Live your dream and save lives in the process.

Drop water into forest fires and rescue people, animals and the earth in an amazing way to utilize your flying skills.

Sightseeing and Tours

A leisurely flight for a leisurely career.

Island hopping, idyllic beach layovers and sunny days all add up to a pilot that loves both the job and the off-time.

Ambulance & Rescue

Save lives while you fly.

An air ambulance pilot is one of the most important kinds of flying. Transport doctors, trauma teams and patients, or rescue people who need immediate help.

Business Pilot

Your office is in the cockpit.

Fly for a private company, or enjoy the air as a charter pilot. You'll be jetting through a career that can offer amazing perks and ample opportunities.

Freight Pilot

Your cargo is your passenger.

Don't want to deal with 6 AM calls and long waits while passengers board and deplane? Fly cargo for any of the overnight delivery services and spend your days all over the globe.

CFI - Flight Instructor

Be somebody's hero.

When you teach a student a life-changing skill, you will be remembered forever as the person who changed their lives. Be that hero.

Science and Research

Be the future.

Marry your love of science with your love of adventure as you pilot teams of researchers and scientists all over the world.

Government and Military

We want you!

Serve, protect and defend. Do you dream of flying an F-16, a Coast Guard Ocean Sentry or Air Force One? Start here.

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