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Here are a few excellent resources for those student pilots who might need some brushing up, inspiration and engaging refreshers for their eventual adventure in the cockpit. We encourage you to click the links, watch the videos, and strengthen your acuity and experience before your departures.

Blue skies, happy landings, and we look forward to seeing you on the flight line!

Armchair Practice

From our favorite 'boldmethod' blogger Swayne Martin, we discover a timely list of achievements to accomplish even before you leave the house, with "Grounded? 6 Things You Can Do To Knock The Rust Off Before Flying Again."


The Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA) has published some Return To Flight Guidelines for those of you who have been grounded for a little while. Read them here. Included in the guide is a list of helpful videos (which we embedded for you below) that we encourage you to view:

Seasons of Safety: The Awakening – Coming out of Hibernation

Takeoffs and Landings: Normal Takeoff

Engine Out: From Trouble to Touchdown

Collision Avoidance: See, Sense, Separate

Margins of Safety: Avoiding Traffic Pattern Stalls

Safety Tip: Greasing the Landing

Takeoffs and Landings: Crosswind Landings

Emergency Preparedness

'boldmethod' blogger Swayne Martin makes another appearance with an in-depth look at emergency response: "Your Engine Failed After Takeoff. Should You Return To The Runway?" The blog post includes a riveting account of the a real-world scenario that most of you will remember, as depicted by Tom Hanks:

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