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What motivates you to become a pilot?

People fly planes for many different reasons. Get inspired here.

There are countless reasons why you should pursue a career as a pilot, and the reasons can be as simple as a childhood dream and as complex as a lifelong goal.

Start your journey with a lifestyle forward, socially responsible and meaningful career that will never go out of style. Innovations in aircraft and the use of technology are revolutionizing the Aviation Industry. Join in.

Meaningful pursuits.

Take the lead in an industry that makes a difference. Who will be your passenger? Seat 27F coming home for a family reunion. Seat 13A on her way for life saving surgery. Seat 3B nervously going to a life changing job interview.

Family friendly and lifestyle forward.

Flexible schedules and destinations offer endless potential to live your life and advance your career. Pursue your career while you pursue your passions with free airfare worldwide.

A flight-plan for success.

Pilots have a clear path with ample opportunities to grow, mentor others, and contribute to the success of their company and their own destiny.

Technological innovation.

Innovations and advancements in aircraft and the use of technology are revolutionizing the Aviation Industry.

Socially responsible.

The Aviation Industry serves the global community and brings people, products, and aid together faster than ever before.

Feed your entrepreneurial spirit.

Discover opportunities to take your knowledge and skills in your unique and personal direction. Airline pilots own flight schools, perform in air shows, compete in air races, while others volunteer in the coast guard and civil air patrol.

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